Are All Tax Returns Created Equally?

You are responsible for the accuracy of your tax return. The rules for EITC can be complicated, so you should seek assistance if you are unsure of your eligibility.

Tax time is upon us and as with every year it seems to have sneaked up without us even being aware. These 12 tips on how to prepare to file your taxes will help have you organized with all the materials you will need from beginning to end. After all isn't it a game of cat and mouse and don't you want to be the winner? In this case the winner adds more to their pocket book.

Once you have filed your claim through an online service you will get confirmation within just a few hours that your return has been received. With regular postage you never receive this confirmation and you may not hear about problems for months. With paper forms you are often lucky to receive your refund within a couple of months. With the instant process of online tax filing you can more often than not receive your refund in under two weeks and even in just a couple of days on some occasions.

Meal Expenses.If your business trip is overnight or requires that you rest or sleep to properly perform your duties, you may be able to deduct the cost of meals as an expense on your income tax return. Generally, you may only deduct 50% of your meal expenses. The cost of your meal may be eligible to be deducted as a travel expense or an entertainment expenses, but not both. If you claim meal as an entertainment expenses, you cannot deduct it as a travel expense.

• You establish that at the time you signed the joint income tax return you did not know, and had no reason to know, that there was an understatement of tax.

One of many principal advantages of utilizing a tax computer software is that they're quick and easier than you think to utilize. Tax applications usually are step-by-step; consequently, a lot of people can complete a tax get back faster than on standard paper and in less than half of time. Many taxpayers who use tax software like the software versions that provide both federal and state tax forms. The vast majority of applications will transfer the info from a return up to a state tax return. This not just saves time, but inaddition it guarantees that the data found on circumstances tax return is precise.

While you’re living abroad and filing your US taxes, it is important to make sure that you take full advantage of Form 1116 and Forms 2555, otherwise known as the Foreign Tax Credit Form and the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, respectively. The Foreign Tax Credit gives you a credit on your US expat taxes for the amount of money you have paid in tax to a foreign government. The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion helps you by excluding a big chunk of your foreign earned income from your US taxes. This is important because even as a US expat, all of the income that you make outside the United States is subject to identical tax rates as someone who is working and living inside of the US. That is where Form 2555 comes in. By completing this form, you can exclude up to $91,500 USD of income earned abroad from your US expat tax return. While including potential deductions of housing and living expenses, it is possible to counterbalance most if not all of your tax liability in a given calendar year.